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Thank you for your interest in being a Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball Umpire! 

Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball Association (GEYBA) provides a unique opportunity for kids and adults (ages 13 and older as of the start of the season) to extend their participation in the community by working as an umpire. To date, many of our umpires have been young men and women who have in some way been connected to athletic programs in Glen Ellyn. They find this experience a great way to earn money while helping one of the sports they love continue growing and enriching the lives of others.

To this end, the Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball Association and the Glen Ellyn Park District have partnered with Tim James and Official Finders to provide umpire services for our leagues.

It is important to remember that an umpire is also a representative of the Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball Association and the Glen Ellyn Park District. As such, while the baseball community has committed to showing our umpires the respect they deserve in managing the games, umpires need to show a commitment to the work they have been assigned to do. The following is an outline of the job responsibilities and expectations umpires need to be aware of. Both during and after the season, the performance of umpires will be measured against these expectations, and may have a bearing on their eligibility to be assigned games in subsequent years.

  • Complete requisite training for assigned league in a satisfactory manner, including working practice games as needed in advance of the regular season.
  • Arrive at games 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time (this is considered on time).
  • Arrive at games in appropriate attire.
  • Agree before game time with partnering umpire on field/home plate responsibility (as needed).
  • Manage game in knowledgeable, respectable, and confident manner, including review of ground rules with managers/coaches and articulating all calls clearly.
  • Keep in mind that as an umpire, you are in control of the game, not the managers/coaches, players or fans.
  • After game turn in umpire/game result cards upon game completion.

Umpires work under the supervision of Official Finders and are eligible to work games in the Maverick, Stallion, Mustang and Pony leagues, Rebels Travel games, and Glen Ellyn Classic Tournament games. Experience and performance, not age (or grade) determines at what level league an umpire works.

Should an umpire have any questions, they should reach out to Tim James of Official Finders at for more information. We look forward to another outstanding year, and to providing an incredible baseball experience to the youth of our community.

Umpire Resource Center

Umpires, to help with your training please visit the Official Finders website.