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Coaches Resources:

Field Maintenance

If you have the last practice or game of the day please remember to rake and drag the fields so that they will be playable the next day.

Equipment Boxes

If you have the last game of the day please be sure to lock the equipment boxes after your game. If you are not sure if there is a game after yours lock the boxes anyway. The next manager should have a key.

Pitch Count

Here are three different logs you can use to help you keep track of your player’s pitch count. You are expected to keep a record of the pitch count for each of your games. You must be able to present the record to your commissioner in the case of a dispute over the number of pitches a pitcher has thrown and the number of days rest they need. During the playoffs you will need to turn in your pitch count for each game to your commissioner.

Game Pitch Count Log:

Pitch Count Data Report:

Pitcher Eligibility Tracking Form:

Umpire Evaluation Form

Maverick managers and above: Please fill out the umpire evaluation form after your game has ended. The results from the form will greatly help us in monitoring the progress of our umpires and allow us to provide you with the best umpiring possible. Thanks for you help.


Player Evaluation Form

GEYBA is looking for ways to improve our evaluation process from year to year. The older leagues have a one day evaluation in the Winter but coaches find that the your input from the season is the best way to evaluate and draft teams. For the younger leagues, this will be the only way we have for each of the baseball participants evaluated.

Detailed comments for each player are the most useful. Please take the time to record the most accurate assessment of your team so that we can be as fair as possible in picking teams for next year.

A Player Evaluation must be turned in before you play your first playoff game!

Click here for the form. Thank You!