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Phillies Travel

Phillies Travel Softball is a Glen Ellyn Park District program run with the assistance of the Glen Ellyn Girls Softball Association.The program is for female athletes who would like to make a larger commitment to fastpitch softball and play at a higher level of competition. Teams start as young as the 12U level and continue through the 18U level, giving athletes a chance to play 50 to 60 games each year.

There is also a Phillies All-Star option, which allows the girls to play in the house league program and then play a shortened travel schedule of approximately 20 games beginning at the end of June through July. They will play in games and tournaments appropriate to their skill level. The Phillies Fastpitch Softball program teaches participants the proper rules of the game and prepares athletes for future endeavors.

Tryouts for both Full-Time and Part-Time Travel teams are held in July/August.

Note – Players that are offered positions on our Travel teams will have 48 Hours to Respond.
If not accepted within 48 hours, that position may be extended to another player without further notice.

Full -Time vs. Part-Time Travel Softball Comparison

Both Full-Time and Part-Time Teams hold Winter Practices to assist with Skill Development and Team building. The key differences between the programs are as follows:

Full Season Phillies Travel Team Part-Time Phillies All-Stars (Summer Tournament Team)
Winter Development
  • January –March (2 Practices/week)
  • Including 8-12 Professional Training Sessions
  • “In-Season” sports take priority, but we ask players to attend as many practices as possible
  • January –March (2 Practices/week)
  • Including 8 Professional Training Sessions
  • “In-Season” sports take priority, but we ask players to attend as many practices as possible
Spring April
  • 2-3 practices/week
  • Some games
  • Typically (1) tournament/round robin
  • House Leagues Practices and Clinics (Part-Time Players must Play House League) (Typically 2 HL Practices/Week)
  • Phillies practices on Sunday Mornings
May and June
  • 1-2 practices/week
  • Leagues Games and Tournaments as scheduled by Team Managers
  • Typically (2) tournaments/month
  • (1-2) House League (HL) Games/ Week
  • 1 Practice/week as defined by HL Coach (Phillies practices on Sunday Mornings)
  • Participation in All-Star Tournament
  • 2-practices / week
  • Leagues Games and Tournaments as Scheduled by Team Managers
  • Typically (1 or 2) Tournaments
  • 2-practices / week
  • (2-3) Local Tournaments
Total # of Games
  • 42-55 for full Time (Non-HS Teams )
  • 30-48 for Full Time (HS Teams)
  • Actual # of games, based on Team preferences and Success in Tournaments
  • Some 14U-18UTeams may Choose to participate in a Fall Tournaments
  • 24-32 Combined House League and Tournament games depending on success in tournaments
Typical Travel Time to Away Games
  • 30 – 50 Minutes
  • Some Teams may opt to Schedule one away Tournament that could require an overnight stay (Within 300 Mile radius of GE)
  • 20 – 45 Minutes
  • Some Tournaments may be further away, if deemed Necessary
  • Full Travel Teams
  • Every Effort will be made to Schedule Games and Tournaments that will provide Competitive and Challenging play base on team ability
  • House League All Star Teams
  • Every Effort will be made to Schedule Tournaments that limited to House League All-Star Teams only. Please note that Some Tournaments may allow “C” Level Travel Teams

Birth Year Chart

Season 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
2014 10U
2013 10U 10U
2012 10U 10U 12U
2011 10U 10U 12U 12U
2010 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U
2009 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U
2008 12U 12U 14U 14U 16U
2007 12U 14U 14U 16U 16U
2006 14U 14U 16U 16U 18U
2005 14U 16U 16U 18U 18U
2004 16U 16U 18U 18U
2003 16U 18U 18U
2002 18U 18U
2001 18U