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Golden Eagles Football Safety Mission

To provide a safe environment for players to learn proper contact technique and participation in skill-appropriate controlled drills, and to prepare players to execute similarly in games. Continuous education on the part of all coaches, players and parents is paramount.

ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing

We are once again providing baseline concussion testing for all players in the 104lb, JV, and Varsity levels. These tests will be administered free of charge by Athletico staff. Although the test data is good for 2 years, our commitment to player safety suggests best practices to be tested annually. You will receive an email with registration instructions closer to the beginning of the season.

USA Football Heads Up Program

If your player experienced a concussion or has concussion symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible. We also have free access to the post-injury ImPACT test. This test should be administered at the end of the return-to-play protocol to ensure player is symptom-free at the end of the return-to-play cycle.

Please see this safety course via the CDC on how to understand how concussions happen and how to respond.

The safety of our players is always the most important goal.

Now more than ever, there is a heightened awareness of injury within youth football. There is no injury more in the forefront of awareness than concussion. While actually preventing a concussion from happening, especially within a collision sport such as football, the Golden Eagles program and its coaches are dedicated to limiting the probability of a concussion occurring. In an effort to inform our players, parents and community, below are some of the steps taken to assist in the limitation and recognition of concussion and any other injury.

  • The Golden Eagles certify our helmets every year rather than the two years required by NOCSEA standards. Any helmet that does not pass certification is not returned to the rams program and is properly disposed.
  • Clinics are held at the town and league level, conducted by High school and college coaches, and we encourage individual outside clinic training. Clinics cover, but are not limited to – brain injury awareness and treatment, how to tackle safely, non-contact drills, correct contact drills.
  • We ensure every head coach and one assistant coach is PCA certified via classroom instruction and exam.
  • Riddell trains our helmet fitters on correct fit; with a second fitting check before a player has taken equipment home. Riddell also receives our helmets annually and puts them through proper reconditioning for next year’s season.
  • We provide helmet adjustments throughout the year to ensure correct fit is available.
  • All coaches have to review and provide completion of CDC concession exam.
  • We send a letter and post a newsletter informing and encouraging parents to log on the CDC web site with their player (s) to better understand signs and symptoms – and treatment on head injuries.
  • We limit pre-season contact in the first two days to better prepare our players for evaluations. Within these first two days of evaluations, one of the critical teaching components is proper tackling techniques.
  • Limit full hitting in practices by amount of time spent during weekly practices and distance between players during contact drills.
  • We follow, train and play by IHSA football rules.
  • We provide on-site, certified athletic trainers during all home games.

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